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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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johnny. i left from work today, to get here, to see johnny. i want johnny to know that we welcome in to the neighbor but seven days a week open to 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. in the morning, i really don't think so. we had one murder up there in the last 90 days and i don't know if the other young lady passed or not. and i go out of town once a month and i have to walk down that hill. i am so afraid. and i just walk away down to the building to get to the amtrak to go for this citizen and i take the care now. so i am asking you to look at this very closely so that the neighborhood will not get hurt. thank you. >> my name is robert garcia and
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you received a letter late today but it looks like... but we just have so much violence, and i have been in this neighborhood since i got out of the army in 1963 and it has never been like this. >> this is a residential commercial. and also the downtown campus for the san francisco university. and the permit to stay open to 6:00 a.m. catering to the car and the club patrons will interfere with the enjoyment of
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the residents of their homes and this is also a cafe open all night will create a policing problem. and we have a problem with the clubs and bars in this area, a man was stabbed to death in the parking lot across the street.. that was a beer bottle incident. and a man was hit in there and in the head with a beer bottle and a young man was stabbed across the street in the parking lot that you are talking about. this was, another stabbing in front of the sugar cafe and this has to do with the security guards pushing the combat ants out on to the street where there is no security. and this man was stabbed across the street in the parking lot next to the student housing.
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in the past few years we have seen the nine people shot at the sutter club and a man three months away from finishing law school was working late night at a pizza parlor went outside to smoke and was stabbed to death by a woman who was released from prison for stabbing another man. >> this is absolutely ridiculous. the young man, from arkansas, 21 years old. and this was on the 600 block of sutter street and another club in the area. had an incident of people breaking glasses. they don't bring in guns and so forth and then they used the drinking vessels as weapons and two people were cut in there. at the vessels, now this was sold to us at one of the best in the system, 200 people
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rioted in there and took off their belts and beat each other and emptied out on to union square and this is our neighborhood and what we see. the former owners of this restaurant closed at 10 p.m. to issue an extended use permit to this would be a change of use, we do not need more problems late night in this neighborhood. we have a party buses parking on the other side of union square, and the students from all over the bay area and they walked right across our neighborhood over to polk street and then, two or three or four clock in the morning they coming back raising hell and our neighborhood is under attack and we really need help here and we don't need the other venues staying open late at night. >> thank you very much >> is there any other publ comment?
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>> my name is michael nolty and i am the executive director of the alliance for a better district six, could you do the overhead? i would like to bring a face for the meeting since he is not here he was at our meeting and he won a door prize, i want to point out the smile on his face, he greets people, when i actually did a visit when he was applying for this permit and i actually made sure that he put his posting up when i went there. he put the posting up. so, you know, and i saw his place, you know, it is a small place. you know? and he is a small business owner. and the thing is, you know, we can't have every business owner be responsible for every crime and everything that happens in the neighborhood. you know, i can hear and i can say that there is all kinds of
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problems that happen. and in any community, and blame it on one business, but that is not the reality here. the reality is that he has only been in business for a year or so. and he is trying to make a difference. he has a family to support and he has employees and he is investing into the business to fix the security cameras and told us the things that he wants to do. unlike some of the other businesses that we have come to our organization, to present, he has a security plan, he made commitments. and we asked him quite a few questions. you know, the thing is that he is sincere. and you know, that is what you want to look at in a business owner, is sincerety and responsible and somebody who also respects the neighborhood. and when i was actually at the restaurant, there were customers saying, give this guy his permit. they did not know who i was, they just said give him his
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permit. so you know and that was not being prompted by anybody. so, and that could have been out of towners and i don't know, so, you know, it is important that as he said earlier in this meeting about harm reduction, you have to have businesses that provide venues, at night. and so that people can eat. so, this is just along those lines. so thank you. >> thank you very much. >> is there any other public comment? >> commissioners? my name is stephen, ocaslato knowing that activism is alive and well in the district which should be applauded, i took it upon myself to canvas the area, and i did notice that there was
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another establishment that is lory's diner on the corner of powell and sutter and they were opened for 24 hours for quite some time with no incidents and no reports, but when they heard about some of the other establishments, being asked for compliance issues, they took it upon themselves to apply and they of course will be coming for this commission in the near future, but in other words, after visiting the drake hotel and the berry, the guys out front and the hotel at the crown plaza, right next door to this establishment is a permitted place called cantina. there are plenty of people from the academy of art who have dormitories in the area. everybody that i came in contact with, mostly youngsters said you know what? this it provides a nice alternative to buy the pizza by the slice and we would like
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more sustenances. omelets and things of that nature and hamburger in a nice menu with the reasonable price points where you can sit down. okay? and we also advised the applicant not to have any tables and chairs while the hours was so that we could insure that the people were inside. we also advised the applicant to get professional security, which he does have, it will be greater based security which will monitor the establishment. i am really encouraged that he is going to take it upon himself to offer a nice place like this. and give people an alternative other than maybe some fast food that is in the area that is offered late and i really think that it is going to provide more eyes and ears, and the safe guards are in place. so, i don't want to speculate on what could happen or what might happen, and would happen down the block, you know? down the things and the bottom line is he has followed all the requirements that the city has
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asked and he followed all of the codes that the city asked and he has done extensive out reach as you can see and at the end of the year to get the permit. and move forward and if there is an incident we will deal with it at that time. >> thank you very much. >> any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i have a question, and is (inaudible) use prohibited in this area? the answer is no. commissioners, it is of my opinion that crime tends to be reduced the more activity there is on the street. with tons of data to that end where every. you know the city and the cities as well. and i am open for the motion, please? >> i had a question. >> go for it.
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>> it was about the menu, is it a full menu that is being offered for the late night hours. i believe that the application there will be a limited night menu. >> that is a good question. we will offer a limited menu but there will be basics on there. we want to still have more than pizza by the slice per se, we will have omelets and eggs and there will be a burger on there. what you want to offer is a nice experience and you want the food to come out fast p when they arrived you don't want them waiting. >> you don't want it to wait 20 minutes to prepare. >> does that answer your question? >> yes. >> any other discussion in >> okay. >> and i think that it is still. i think that it is fixed to 4:00 >> okay. >> originally they had applied for 24 hours and then to 6:00 and through the negotiations through central station they came to a compromise. >> is that 7 days a week? >> fridays and saturdays.
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>> fridays and saturdays only? until 4:00 >> okay. and i move to approve this to 4:00 striking number 3 in the police conditions. and i believe that 7 they said was already taken care of. >> that is fine. >> we have a motion, do we have a second? >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. >> is there any further discussion in >> yeah. i just wanted to say that the crime in this area, it is obviously a problem, however i do believe that more people on the street. more options to go to. is going to help improve this especially when you have an owner who is being this responsible. so i hope that you can approve this.
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>> commissioner taumeopenu? commissioner tan. >> aye. >> lee >> aye. >> akers >> aye. >> joseph. >>e. >> joseph. aye. >> 6 e, timothy eicher. doing business as deasu. x. 2344-48 market. he aproposing a cocktail lounge and dance bar he is recognizing the notice and security issues that have been problems in the past. sorry. and he is working to address those issues with sound proving and programming. the mission station has submitted a list of conditions and like many recent applications there is a mention of security cameras. and if you notice that if the visual recordings exist, i want to bring it to your attention because it is different than what we have seen before.
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>> i want to interrupt. are the item that i put at the end of the agenda, which was commissioners, which was originally item number four, which was review and change the conditions for brick and mortar and we are waiting for vage to come. he has texted and he will not be able to attend. and i don't know if it is proper that we enter interrupt that we vote to continue it to another time. >> i don't think that it is... is it proper to put this aside since we have called it in timothy? so that we can vote on whether or not we can continue brick and mortar? >> i think that you can do whatever you like just as long it is clear about what it is you are going. >> if the commission is in
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agreement with you taking a pause on item six to take an action on 4, you are in the rights to do it. >> the attorney for brick and mortar is here, as well as one of the principles that have been sitting here and vage is not going to be able to come here tonight. his wife had an accident and so he is not going to be able to attend. and so, there is a request to continue this to the next meeting. >> i would like to have them and make a motion to continue to put aside item 6 e, for the purpose of making this motion to continue item 4 brick and mortar to the next meeting. is there a motion? >> and i will second that. >> i will too. >> okay. >> is there any? >> to continue. >> any public comment on the continuance of brick and mortar
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to the next meeting? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner tan, on the question. >> aye. >> lee? >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> perez? >> aye. >> akers? >> aye. >> joseph? >> aye. >> sorry about that. he just texted me. >> okay. >> i would like to recall, i have to start all over again, i will have to recall item 6 e, timothy eicher doing business as beaux. >> proposing a combination cocktail lounge and dance bar. he recognizes all of the problems that had occurred in previous incarnations of this location. and so he is working to address those issues with sound proofing and some strategic programming and there are a list of conditions that have been submitted by mission station. and so, after that he can just kind of take it away.
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>> hi. good evening, executive director cain, commissioners, i am tim eicher and this is my partner jeff. let me give you a little bit of history, this venue has been a bar for seven years and throughout the majority of that time it was the site of the first gay bar in the castro and in the 90s it was a popular bar the detour and most recently it was trigger which was unfortunately a venue that had problems in the neighborhood. and we have done significant community out reach on this project. in fact we had to seriously think about whether we wanted to do this project given the history of trigger. and everything that we have done about this project has been within an awareness of the problems that trigger posed in the neighborhood. and everything about our design has been geared towards not repeating those mistakes and
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coming up with something very new and very different. our community out reach started back in december. we have met, with dtna the neighborhood association and the valley neighborhood association and others. we have very nice letter of support from eband a which is if you know the history of trigger what a accomplishment that is. we had support from munsi and have done sound tests and we really instructed them to come up with like a plan that they can guarantee us will solve this sound problem. we did not want to skim p on it, we wanted to solve it. we will be putting a significant amount of sound prove proofing on the roof of the building which was the main source of problem and we will also be reconfiguring one of the exits so that there is a 90 degree turn so that the sound can go straight out. let's see, we also are enclosing a smoking o and
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putting in a sound system that is designed to be the right size sound system for that venue. one of the problems with trigger was that the sound system was really oversized and kind of over powered the space. on the design, and so i would intend to show you a little bit of a visual. there was a smoking patio on the front and that is going to be enclosed and a lounge area along market street th. line. there, it is a lot of lounge seating all around and one of the keepings that we plan to do is to be able to separate the space. is what these lines here indicate. and we want the venue to be able to be the right size for the right night. and we will be able to have a cocktail lounge on certain nights of the week and then on, you know, nights like friday and saturday, it opens up and it is a dance bar with a dance floor and a wonderful music and one of the key changes about
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this venue is that it can be a small and more intimate and a warm comfortable and inviting cocktail lounge, when you know like on a monday night and then can be a dance bar on weekends. we are really looking carefully at the music that we are selecting because we want to make sure that we are not appealing to a problem crowd. we will have some amount of live entertainment. think of more like caboret shows, if people are familiar with josie's caboret, and we would like to bring some of the entertainment that was at josie's into this venue. and the castro has a lot of places that can have live entertainment. but it tends to be either really small spaces or there is the cafe is huge and i think that this will be a nice medium sized spot in the castro where we can have the live
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entertainment that is larger than (inaudible) could do but not, you know, like a huge night clubs south of market. >> now we have done a lot of work on the security plan and we will have guard cards and the lead training. we will utilize parole special for dealing with the incident response as well as on special events, and we will use electronic id checking and have a camera system with an hd camera at least one at the door and save that for 30 days. we actually have been speaking with mission station about working to standardize security procedures across all four of our bars and hopefully can start coaxing the other venues to follow suit and it would be nice to standardize that and we are excited about that process. just one comment on the conditions, i did meet with the mission station last thursday. and they did not have the
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conditions prepared at that time. so i have not seen them. so i would just respectfully ask if i could see them. >> and i apologize for that, that is my fault for not getting this earlier. >> i think that is everything that i had to say. >> great, i have some questions. >> what are you using to divide up the room to be different things is brilliant. but what you are using to divide it up? >> right now, the design is to have actually... >> you are prepared. >> it is actually a wooden balls that are going to be painted probably metallic and reflect, that are going to be hung by wire and they will be, and it can be kind of a pixilated effect and you can sort of see through there but not completely. that is what the designers come up with. we have concerns about... >> i know. involved in the gay bar.
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i am sorry. yes, that is the design. >> so you are not using a solid wall. >> no. >> it will be something that will go and down like a shade >> probably slide to the side. >> like a curtain? >> yes. >> we have concerns about how durable that will be and so we are working on the kinks of that design. but we are hoping that design will work. help me see that you are thinking about doing live shows? >> yes, i am sorry if i am not reading your drawings well where is the stage, and is there a permanent stage? >> behind the bar. >> the stage is next to the dance bar. >> is it attached to the bar?
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>> it is not permanently attached. we may go with something that is removable but right now the design is to always be there. >> just to be clear, you are attaching the stage to the place where you serve alcohol? >> it is behind it. >> so it is not attached to it? >> no. >> it is on the other side. >> there is a wall that the back of the bar is a wall that goes up 8 feet. >> okay. >> and on the other side of that. >> cool. >> i think that, have you spoken to your neighbors. >> yes, in fact one of the neighbors, had originally protested with the license transfer and we met with them and now what they want to do is he has agreed to withdraw that protest. and we have talked to a lot of people in the neighborhood, and
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in fact, dtna had a lot of excellent feedback for us that we incorporated into the design. >> on the sound system you said that you were changing the system to be appropriate. are you using lower profile speakers? >> that is the plan. >> so more of them, but lower profile speakers. >> yes. >> and the area that is the triangle that comes out is that an alley way on to the street? >> no. it is kind of a service area, this is actually an interesting property. this is a 3 story one bedroom, apartment that is part of the same property. >> and you are not going to be using that for anything but the office. >> office on the ground floor and an apartment above. probably used for a bar manager or something, we have not figured that out yet. >> okay. >> i forgot one thing. i do have a letter of support from the owner of the building and i offered to you mostly because it is on the letterhead that is 80 years old from
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the gaprecide company which was a winerry that operated in this venue over 100 years ago. >> who was that? >> thank you. >> commissioner hyde? >> i just wanted to, you have not expanded the space that from what it used to be right? >> no. >> it is the same size as trigger was? >> correct. >> okay. >> and if anything were shrinking it during the certain times. >> that is what i thought >> and okay, have you had a chance to read over these conditions? >> no. sorry. >> i was wondering if you could take a quick look at 3 and 8 for me? >> i am okay with those. >> you are okay with visual recordings of patrons coming in
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and having promoters provide special event general liability insurance? >> well, so, i'm okay certainly with three. and 8, we are actually not really planning to have outside promoters generally. and i guess that i need to understand that better. >> i think that i would understand that better as well. >> >> in my percent, a person that comes to do a venue, carries their own liability insurance to whatever value request that they do that. million dollars, a half a million, 200, whatever it is, and they name you as an additional insured so that in the thinking of that, so that
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is something that if something happened at their promotion, they get sued first and then you get sued second. >> it does not always work that way because usually the people who are injured don't know that your name is additional insured and so they will sue you first and then you will have to petition to have the additional insured sued first. >> that is what that means. >> >> not understanding that. >> okay. >> i would agree that i have concerned, i do not understand the impact. everything else on there looks fine. >> anybody else have questions for the applicant? >> our patrons are going to be able to go on the dance floor on monday through wednesday. >> and those night that you are not doing dance programming? >> we don't exactly know what
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days of the week it will be available. >> because it really depends on, i will give you an example. and probably the best way to do it. if you know if it was how it involves, on a monday, then we would open the dance floor. also, if the right event were to present itself, for our venue like just to give you an example, if you are familiar with the training shack. if we want to throw it here and we would talk to them and it is only on tuesday night and we would consider that. but, and so that would involve opening the dance floor, but what we are really opposed to is, we just want to be very, very selective about that. so if the right party oran
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event comes up we would like to retain the option for opening the dance floor, but what we don't want to do is try any desperate measure we want it to work out the dance floor because we don't want to have to do what triggered did which was have 80 cent cosmos to fill it out on a monday night. that just causes problems. so the vending needs to be able to work without the dance floor. i can't unfortunately tell you exactly which nights we will allow dancing. >> i am also trying to figure out what the capacity will be on those nights when you are not opening the dance floor. >> that is a good question. and i don't, i can go to my computer it figure it out. >> i am just going to back to condition 8 and the reason that i asked you is hcre. lina